welkom : agenda : treffens en varia buitenland 2017 : [ 28 apr - 1 mei ] scottish moto guzzi rally 2017

[ 28 Apr - 1 Mei ] Scottish Moto Guzzi Rally 2017

 Het treffen van de Schotse tak van de Moto Guzzi Club Great Brittain. 

Gepubliceerd op 13-11-2016
Schotse Rally van de MGCGB Scotland Branch

For the third year running the Rally will be held in Thornhill Stirling on 28th April – 1st May 2017.

For the third year running the Rally will be held in Thornhill Stirling on 28th April – 1st May 2017.

This will be the 25th Moto Guzzi Club GB Scottish Rally and the Scottish Branch will ensure that this Rally will be something special and a "not to be missed" event. 



Pre-book only, limit 200 tickets


Rally Campsite opens from mid-day Friday 28th April until Monday morning 1stMay 2017


Camping with toilets and showers at Mains Farm Wigwams Thornhill Stirling FK8 3QR

There are also cabins available at the site - check out their website at www.mainsfarmwigwams.com where you can see the site, the cabin interiors and full pricing details.


If you wish to hire a cabin for the weekend please contact Mains Farm direct on 01786 850735. Remember to mention that you are attending the Moto Guzzi Scottish Rally.

We would suggest, due to the popularity of the Wigmams in 2015, that you book early.


Also, please remember that if you do book a cabin you still need to apply for a Rally ticket to gain access to the Hall, Bar and Entertainment.


Meals are not provided but there is one hotel in the village the Lion & Unicorn as well as a general store and breakfast etc. will be available on the campsite - please refer to the Breakfast page for details.There are petrol stations available in nearby Doune and Callander.


Entertainment (live bands) will take place in the Thornhill Community Hall (FK8 3QB)  which will have a bar run by the club with beer supplied by a local brewey


To check out the location, go to the Scottish Rally Location Map on the next page - zoom in to Thornhill - click on "WIGWAMS" - click on "STREETVIEW" to get a preview of the campsite area, the cabins and the Community Hall the other side of the playground area. 


Here are a few links with information about Thornhill :-


http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/thornhill/thornhillareacall/  http://www.lion-unicorn.co.uk/about/thornhill-history/

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21-12-2016 20:02:54 [ 1 ]

zijn er soms nog leden die intresse hebben om daar naar toe te rijden

03-01-2017 21:31:03 [ 2 ]

De plannen zijn nog niet allemaal gemaakt, maar misschien melden zich hier nog meer liefhebbers.


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